New 46,000 Government Job Vacancies in 2024…

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Tanzania government under the president Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan have given the permit to employ 46,000 new public servants soon in this year of 2024. This news had come after the conversation in the parliament between the special seats MP, and the minister of Tamisemi,  employment and work Hon. Simbachawene.

The minister Hon. Simbachawene said this as he was answering the question from the special seats MP Hon. Mshashu when she was asking about employing more science and mathematics teachers. To answer that question the minister said that the government will provide a permit to employ 46,000 new public servants.

When will government job vacancies be released?

The minister did not clarified the date for new 46,000 government job vacancies will be released but he indicated that it will be soon this year. Referring to his answer, he said that the government will ensure that 46,000 employees will be employed soon this year!

In which field these government job vacancies employment will be released?

The minister’s speech also didn’t set a clear cut on which field the employment opportunities will be released. The speech only mentioned there will be more than 10,000 health care jobs and 12,000 teaching jobs since the question asked was aiming to get the answer on these cadres. So we may expect more jobs in various careers Rather than health and teaching jobs in order to complete the mentioned total which was 46000 job vacancies.

How to prepare for 46,000 Government Job Vacancies

What to do to get prepared for employment?

In order to apply for New government Job vacancies to be released soon, the candidates should do the following things : –

(a) Preparation of documents

All applications will require proof of different qualifications including education backgrounds, citizenship, training certifications, work experience proofs, referees letters and others which may apply. All these are of higher importance for your application to be considered in whatever system where these 46000 employment opportunities will be announced.

Furthermore, try to craft your curriculum vitae (CV) well. If you can’t do it yourself you may consult specialists to help you on how to create a well organized curriculum vitae (CV). Your CV gives your application the power to explain who are you and why should you employed. So take this issue of very serious and make it priority among the priorities. This will help to avoid job application failures.

(b) Sign up for government job portals.

Meanwhile, everyone graduand and job seeker should consider registering him/herself into different job application systems. Normal the Ministry of health and Tamisemi are used for recruiting health and teaching employees. But incase of any changes this year you should make shure that you register yourself int the systems like Ajira portal, TAMISEMI, Ministry Of Health (MoH) and any other job portal whigh you think the government may use it in recruitment process.

If you don’t know how to register into these systems please find a specialist to help you. Yo can use this guides to do it yourself.

By registering early you increase the chance of completing your application early after they’re released. This will inturn increase the chance for employment too.

(c) Document certification / verification 

In these systems during registration, some of the documents needs to be verified by courts or advocates for the purpose of using it for application. So in this time make sure your educational documents are certified by the advocate. Also you should make sure all other documents which needs to be verified are verified.

(d) Market yourself by volunteering.

If you get the chance to do any volunteering job in your field, take it seriously. This is to perfect your portfolio and increase your experience in your field. Also the deputy speaker during the conversation with the TAMISEMI minister he insisted on employing the volunteers first before taking other job seekers who are not showing any contribution currently.


To wind up this article, the minister didn’t mention the exact day, or month on when these government job opportunities Will be announced. So, it is important to stay alerted and do the above tips in order to be ready any time.